Collaborative Redesign of Patio Furniture Website

Collaborative Website Redesign Project

From a consensus of needed changes through wireframes and flat-file mockups to full prototypes and a full redesign, the Patio site achieved its goals of attracting more customers to contact stores for a consultation and to start their journey to a new or updated outdoor living space.

The patio collection page model after the print catalog The patio print catalog as inspirtation
The patio collection page on the left mimics collection pages found in the print catalog.

Increased Production with Style Guides and Specs

The patio site collections category was largely modeled after the successful patio print catalog. Each collection would be presented in a quadrant layout where on the site, the main patio image would be interactive with popups for highlighted pieces.

The patio site screenshot in tablet view The patio site screenshot in phone view

Enhancements to the Mobile UX

The redesign included enhancements to the tablet view and views from mobile phones.

  • The header was simplified and more white space was added to help with finger navigation.
  • The search box was made more prominent for all screens due to data that showed higher conversion from customers using the search feature.
  • Target sizes for the interactive collection page banners were adjusted for finger use versus mouse pointer.

Patio Services Demo Caption

Patio Services Redesigned with Parallax

The Services landing page was redone in parallax with full screen images to bring a sense of the lifestyle potential that is possible from a patio furniture plan and purchase.

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