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Ski Retail Site Case Study

Ski and Snowboard Site Redesign

My fourth full site redesign project for the ski and snowboard retail site began with the user experience and data gleaned from UX exercises including heuristic analysis, a CRO study, and audits from consultants like Ovative and Fit For Commerce.

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UX Design Projects

Ski Retail Site Case Study

Email Landing Pages

Email Marketing was often at the heart of our digital marketing efforts. Email blast often preceded events and promotions at the physical store level as well.
One concrete practice I instilled in our team was to land our users on a location of the site that naturally supported that conversion flow.

Patio Furniture Site Case Study

Category Promotion Banners

Often setting precedent for a marketing campaign involved adding to existing pages on the site. marketing and hero banners helped to reinforce the promotional message the brought users to the us from our offsite channels.

UX Design Projects

Patio Furniture Site Case Study

Following Brand Style Guides

Following consistent look and feel of your brand can help to enhance the user experience.
Once a brand style guide has been established, it makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel across your media channels.

Patio Furniture Site Case Study

Showcasing Your Value Online

Good visual design can really help to enhance your companies mission.
Whether it is enticing an emotional response from your user or identifying the nature of your business visual design can communicate a great deal about your brand with lenghty content that your users might not have time to invest.

UX Design Projects

building an interface

Building an Interface

Image and collection galleries provide and excellent opportunity to create and execute great interfaces on the web
This patio collection viewer was integrated into the patio furniture website much like a good retail website product page.

Patio Furniture Site Case Study

An Inspiring Image Gallery

Christy Sports Patio needed a way to showcase its premium Patio Sales Services.
I created this landing page with some interface features that allowed the list ofe services to be absorbed on one page almost like an interactive blog post.

UX Design Projects

And They Said Email Was Dead

Email Design Projects

Email Design and Development

From the early days of email, it was at the heart of most communication campaigns for Christy Sports
whether it was marketing initiatives or community outreach, our best campaigns started with good email messaging.


Email Design 2005-2010

Building an Email Program

from the beginning I was tasked with bringing our email marketing in house from our marketing consultant
our goals were to establish a consistent communication frequency and begin to bring the Christy Sports brand online from its physical stores

Email Design 2010-2014

Establishing a Brand in Email

with a growing engaed email audience, and a Go-To-Market calendar quickly taking shape from season to season, it was time to enhance our email game with more consistency and assets that would increase productivity in our email campaign creation.

Email Design 2014-2019

Enhancing Email for Target Audiences

with new tools under our belt and an ever increasing marketing schedule across multiple banners, I endeavored to help build a scalable email program based on templates and user editable content blocks.

UX Design Projects

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